What is Virus Full Form? What is Virus?

What is a virus and what is a complete form of virus? These questions must have come to your mind at some point as well. That is why today you have come to our blog. If you also want to know what is the complete form of the Virus, you must read this post to the end. Be… Read more

ERP Full Form: How Enterprise Resource Planning Works?

ERP full form: Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is also called the Industry Resource Scheme and The term ERP is related to business or enterprises. It is a group of Integrated Applications that helps users store and manage their business data. ERP is Business Manageme… Read more

ICSE Full Form: What is the full form of ICSE?

ICSE full form is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, which is the certificate that is awarded to students who are studying in schools that are affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination(CISCE) after passing their class 10th Exam… Read more

PHP Full Form: What is the full form of PHP?

PHP Full Form means Hypertext Preprocessor and PHP is the most popular and widely used server end scripting language for web development. It is used to make Dynamic pages on websites. Hypertext pre-processor(PHP Full Form) is a papular scripting language created by Ras… Read more

GNU Full Form - Complete information of GNU?

GNU stands for GNU's Not UNIX. It is a UNIX-like computer operating system, but unlike UNIX, it is free software and contains no UNIX code. It is pronounced as guh-noo. Sometimes, it is also written as GNU General Public License. It is based on the GNU Hurd kernel … Read more