What is a virus and what is a complete form of virus? These questions must have come to your mind at some point as well. That is why today you have come to our blog.

If you also want to know what is the complete form of the Virus, you must read this post to the end. Because in this I will not only tell you the complete form of Viruses, but I will also tell you what viruses are. What are the different types of viruses? How the virus enters a computer. How does it damage your computer? How to know if a computer has a virus or not. How can you avoid them? And how to remove Viruses from your computer or phone.

full form of virus

What is the Full Form of Virus?

The full form of VIRUS is "vital information resources under seize". It is well known that in today's world, there is no country that could have survived the attack of Virus or not be troubled by virus attack, friends, every year millions of computers get infected by being infected with the virus. Due to this Infect, billions of dollars are lost all the world. It is not that there is no way to avoid it. New antivirus is also made for this. But by taking advantage of the vulnerability of operating systems and the internet, these viruses steal information from our system. Because of Computer Virus, a lot of expenses have to be incurred for internet and system security.

A computer virus is a computer program or piece of code that loads on your computer without your knowledge and runs or acts against your consent. Viruses have the property to replicate themselves and spread from one computer to another. When its replication is successful, it can affect data files, hard drive boot sectors, etc. The affected area is called infected.

The virus requires a person to knowingly or unknowingly spread the infection without the knowledge or permission of the user or system administrator. In contrast, a computer worm is stand-alone programming that does not need to be copied to the host program itself or requires human interaction to spread. Viruses and worms can also be called malware.

Viruses are man-made programs that typically write private information to display political and humorous messages on the user's screen to access corrupt data, insert themselves into host programs, and spread upon execution of infected programs. Huh.

Viruses have a unique quality to replicate themselves and spread from one computer to another. When its replication is successful it can affect data files, boot sector of hard drive, etc. The affected area is called infected.

Harmful effects of some computer viruses -

Computer viruses cause billions of dollars of damage every year. Most virus target systems are running Microsoft windows. To combat the virus, programmers created anti-virus programs.

  • This can corrupt your system file, and can greatly slow down the speed of your computer system.
  • This can make some of your programs corrupt or flawed
  • It damages the boot sector of the computer
  • It can steal your computer's information and send it to another person
  • It can display irrelevant and disturbing messages on your computer screen.

Types of computer viruses

  • Program viruses
  • Boot sector viruses
  • Stealth viruses
  • Multipartite viruses
  • Active X viruses
  • Resident viruses
  • Macro viruses
  • Browser hijacker
  • Polymorphic viruses
  • File infector viruses

What is the way to avoid Viruses?

  • First of all, install a paid antivirus in your computer. I said paid because free antivirus does not work so well. So you can take Quickheal Total Security Antivirus or if you want free antivirus then you can install Kaspersky's antivirus. You have to register on its website. After that, you will get its license key. After which you can use it for free for a year.
  • Apart from this, you avoided downloading pirated software or games from any unknown website. I am not saying that all pirated content contains viruses but yes there is a possibility of crack software and virus in the game.
  • If your computer does not have antivirus, then before installing any Pendrive or memory card in your computer, make sure that there is no virus in it.
  • If you use chrome or UC browser then you must have often seen that when you open an unknown website, there is a warning that there is a virus in your phone and it can spoil your phone and quickly Install the phone cleaner application, otherwise your phone may be damaged and in such a situation, people who do not understand this, install that application and in such a situation, the trojan virus comes in the phone through that application.
  • Also, if you receive any spammy mail from an unknown ID, then you should not open it. Like many times the mail comes that you have won the iPhone and fill your details and claim the iPhone. Or you have won the lottery, do not open the Wagrahi Wagrahi mail and especially do not even download its attachment.

How to Remove Virus from Computer?

Friends, if a virus has come into your computer, first of all, you have to turn on your computer in safe mode. Now if you do not know how to turn on safe mode on the computer, then let me tell you that when you turn on your computer, you have to press the F8 key before coming to the logo. After that, your computer will be turned on in safe mode. This method will only work till Windows 7.

If you use Windows 8 or 10, then you have to go to the Start menu. After this, click on the power option. After this, you will see three options shut down, restart, sleep, now you have to click restart with the shift button. After this, the option of a troubleshooting window will appear in front of you. After this, you have to click on troubleshoot then click on the advance option. After that, you have to click on startup settings. After this, your computer will open in safe mode.
After the computer is turned on in safe mode, you have to first go to the control panel and delete the software or game from which the virus has come to your computer. With this, you have to install a good antivirus and scan your computer, now antivirus will do the rest of the work automatically.

How to Remove Virus from Phone?

Today the number of smartphone phone users is increasing and every year this data is increasing, so now the threat of viruses is not only in the computer. Now hackers are also targeting their smartphone users, so now you also need to be a little careful.

Now let me tell you if there is any kind of virus in your smartphone, then how can you remove it? First of all, you have to see how the virus came to your phone, if you have installed a third-party app from an unknown website from Google, then you will have to remove that app from your phone. But there is a problem in this that you cannot easily remove an app equipped with that virus-like you would uninstall it. Then will not be uninstalled.
For this, you have to turn on your phone in safe mode. So for this, you have to turn off the phone by pressing the power key of the phone, then open your phone in safe mode. After that, you have to go to App Manager and uninstall the app containing that virus.

Some people reset their phones. This removes the virus, but it also deletes your phone's data, but your data will remain safe from this process.

The conclusion

I hope you enjoy all the information about Virus Full Form and computer virus. If you still have a question, you can comment and tell.